Man receiving Be Aware Take Care trainingBe Aware Take Care is a training programme developed by Leonard Cheshire Disability. The programme supports people with disabilities, their families, friends, carers and organisations.

Be Aware Take Care aims to build confidence, provide practical information that enables disabled people to feel safe and stay safe at home and when out and about.

The training has developed an unique approach working directly with the individual on a one to one basis, focusing on their specific needs:

  • your rights to be safe
  • people in your life
  • safety in the home
  • using the emergency service
  • recognising crime
  • keeping your money safe
  • personal safety when out and about

Be Aware Take Care can be delivered in the individual’s own home or another place of their choice such as day centres, community centres, libraries etc.

The programme will be delivered over six sessions lasting approximately 1 hour per session.

Dedicated staff will use specifically designed materials that include:

  • workbooks
  • activities
  • DVD on home security
  • resource pack

Download the Be Aware Take Care brochure.

Download the Be Aware Take Care referral form.

Quotes from our participants

Couple proudly holding up their Be Aware Take Care certificates‘It’s about being more aware, being more in control in a safer and more practical way — simple things like putting an ICE number in to your mobile phone to keeping the ‘message in the bottle’ in the fridge.’ — Steven, Lurgan


If you or your organisation would like to know more about the Be Aware Take Care please contact us.