Training programmes

Be Safe Stay Safe addresses the community safety issues that directly affect disabled people and their families through its unique, interactive training programme. Download the Be Safe Stay Safe brochure.

Disabled people have been at the centre of the training programme’s design and development. It primarily focuses on participants’ safety awareness in the home and when out‘n’about in the community. Our trainers work to increase disabled people’s confidence and address their fear of crime and going out.

The training is completely free of charge! The training is available to disabled people throughout Northern Ireland, and their families, carers and friends. We also encourage paid support staff to attend and contribute to the training to ensure consistency of messages.

Each training session will last approximately two hours including comfort break and interactive exercises. The training can also be split up to allow for a longer break for meals, or we can cover the relevant issues over two sessions if requested.

All training participants will receive a free resource pack, which includes:

  • Message-in-a-bottle
  • Fridge magnet
  • UV pen (to mark valuables)
  • Copy of home safety Workbook
  • Various information leaflets on safety and crime

These resources are designed to provide a positive impact to disabled people’s lives and ensure the training messages are reinforced after the session.

Training needs form

If you work for a voluntary, community or statutory organisation, please contact us to arrange a suitable venue, date and time for training. We will ask you to complete a short training needs form to give us some information on the participants and any special requirements.

The training needs form can be downloaded in Word doc format.

Safety issues

The training session covers the following safety issues:

  • Doorstep manner
  • Bullying
  • Internet safety
  • Road safety
  • Fire safety
  • Transport
  • Anti-social behaviour/hate crime
  • Access/leisure
  • Relationships
  • Personal finance

Through the training needs form, we ask groups to identify the specific safety areas that would be most relevant to them. Participants will be given a training workbook, which contains advice and information and where they can record their own personal safety tips.

Home and community safety video

We have developed a short video on how to keep safe at home and out ‘n’ about in the community. This film gives practical safety tips and explains how to use each of the resources that are provided to each participant.

For more information on training or to arrange a session please contact us.